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Fia has been dancing since the age of 8 at Broadway Dance, a small school in the country of Co. Clare Ireland. This is where she developed her passion for performing arts and learned the values of being part of a supportive and loving team. She started assisting her dance teacher at the age of 12 and began investigating her own creativity through choreography at the age of 16. Since then Fia has taught at numerous dance schools around Ireland and has had massive success with her choreography at competitions in both America and Ireland. Fia loves to teach and finds great reward in being able to create a safe and fun environment for children to not only build performance skills but life skills as well.  

After school, Fia proceeded onto full time training at Addict Dance Academy where she graduated with first class honours in 2022. Since graduating, she has performed in Peter Pan pantomime and carried the role of assistant choreographer. She’s also worked on contemporary jobs including music videos and theatre performances.

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