Fees at Dance Shack are straightforward. Students can do as few or as many classes per week as they want. There are two ways to pay for classes. Either in the conventional way, once every term, with most classes costing between £8.00 and £9.50 per hour, or spread the cost across the year in monthly payments, starting at £29.29 per month for 1 hours class per week. There is a reduction of 10% for siblings or any subsequent classes. All prices include VAT. 



We have a fairly simple uniform, which varies a little depending on age/class, but is basically black leggings/track-suit bottoms with Dance Shack t-shirts. There are optional hoodies available. Ballet classes have a more defined uniform. We supply t-shirts, hoodies, ballet uniform and dance shoes ourselves, but suggest buying black leggings/tracksuit bottoms "on the high-street". All uniform (currently excluding ballet items) can be ordered from our SHOP. Ballet uniform can be ordered via the link below.