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Contemporary Dance is all about expressing emotion through organic movements and unrestricted lines. Incorporating elements of lyrical Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance, Contemporary is an exciting fusion which allows students to work through powerful and emotional routines. 

It is the most beautiful and empowering way to express yourself through dance. Truly a creative outlet like no other! 


We work through a set warm up which allows us to open up the body and release any tension, whilst also incorporating technique to prepare for the class ahead. We then move on to exercises that include Ballet and Jazz elements, but in contemporary these are performed in a fluid and lyrical style allowing our bodies to feel the music and lyrical style. 

After this we always work through a beautiful deep stretch, truly moving deep into the body enabling us to find true freedom in our movement once we start the routine. We focus a lot of our class on the routine, as this is where we find that deep connection and outlet in this beautiful dance style. We are able to truly go within and source those hidden emotions that we lock away every single day!

I always select music that I know will enhance the emotional quality of our movement and help us to find that connection. These classes will always leave you feeling emotionally free, strong and truly open!

 - Laura Gregory-Dade


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