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There are two ways we charge for our classes:

  • We offer a monthly subscription which spreads the cost over 12 months equally, starting at £26.21 per month for the first hour (£22.51 for the youngest, 45 minute, classes).

  • Alternatively we can charge termly if you prefer, with classes costing £8.50 per hour for the first class (£7.30 for 45 minute classes), with a reduction of 10% off extra classes, and for siblings.

  • There is a one off show-fee each year for the main school show (currently £30, or £20 for the youngest classes).

  • We partner with “GoCardless”, so all class fee payments are made via Direct Debit.


The first class is a free trial. If you then decide to continue with classes, you will be asked to complete an online registration form and choose monthly subscription or invoicing. Thereafter we generally follow the normal school term dates as closely as possible.

All Worthing enquiries:


Call direct: 07849780491

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